Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Simple Workout Formula by Fred Fornicola

The following is a very simple and straight forward approach that I use to develop workout programs. Depending on the individual, I vary the sets from 1-3 per exercise and I generally keep the repetition range from 12-50 (or higher if I feel there’s a real need for a challenge). If 1 set is being performed for an exercise, an all-out/high level of effort should be given. This means that the trainee doesn’t stop at a prescribed number but works until form is compromised. If multiple sets (2 or 3) are utilized, the last set should be a hard effort – using the same guidelines prescribed as for one-set training. Whatever scheme is used, the trainee should go for those extra couple uncomfortable reps and make their training purposeful!

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Marc said...

Hi Fred,

Great article. For the deep knee bend movement, would lunges, and one-legged squats (performed like in your dumbbell book) be suitable choices?



Cyberpump ( said...

Marc - Absolutely, the linge and one-legged squat fit the criteria. Fred

Marc said...

Thanks Fred!

Fred Fornicola said...

No roblem, Marc - good luck with the program and keep an eye out for another multi-set routine I sent over to Cyberpump