Monday, April 18, 2011

A Comparison of My Diet of Today to Nearly a Decade Ago

The following piece below I wrote back in 2002. It's now 9 years later. Time sure flies by, but my diet hasn't changed all that much. However, my total calorie count has. I just cannot eat as much. And, frankly, don't seem to need to. Here is today's sample diet in a day:

4 egg white omelet with no fat cheese.
Oatmeal or Uncle Same Cereral
1 tablespoon of Carlson's cod liver oil

Maybe 2 hard boiled eggs

Blackened Salmon and one cup of rice and mixed veggies.

Maybe a protein drink or a small serving of various nuts.

Turkey or chicken and one cup of rice and mixed veggies.

Nothing at night.

As you can see, lower calories overall. I have my major cheat day on Friday's and also cheat at dinner on Saturday night if we go out.

It's really interesting to look back in time and see just how little or how much things change!

In my last entry, I told you I would share with you what I exactly eat during a typical day. First, don’t bother getting out your calculators because I have no idea how many calories it is. If I did count the calories, I would probably be shocked and go gorge myself with cheesecake. Wait, no I wouldn’t. Anyway, I think that’s part of the problem with some people in losing fat. They get some number in their mind for what they feel their calories should or should not be. This number may also be arrived at after counting for a few days and then be called gospel for “maintaining weight” and it just needs to be reduced to lose fat. First, that’s too much work. Second, I don’t think it will be that accurate. I won’t go into why I think this is the case. Let’s just chalk it up to too many variables. I believe most people just plain eat too much. Regardless of whether it is junk or good food. “Hey, I only eat fruit. No junk food. I eat more than George the Zoo Gorilla, but it’s ‘no fat’ so I shouldn’t gain weight.” Really? I don’t think so. Why do we eat in the first place? The real reason is to provide fuel for the body to function. Somewhere along the many centuries this got twisted where the majority of people seem to “eating for pleasure”. No wonder we are a bunch of porky pigs running around. You laugh, but just go sit on a bench at the mall or go to the local beach and you tell me what percentage of people are fat and out of shape. Most people fall into that category.

There was some discussion on EFA’s after my last post on getting ripped. I get my EFA’s mainly from EFA oils. The two I use are Cod Liver Oil and Flax Oil. Cod Liver Oil has a bad rap for being yucky. It’s not. I don’t like fish and a tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil is less fishy than a bite of most fish you might eat. The Flax tastes and smells “wheaty” and that’s the best way I can describe it. It’s no biggy either. I’ve slammed powdered Aminos back in the old days and that was like gagging a maggot (holding my nose), and taking EFA’s doesn’t even compare to that nastiness. So, don’t let the taste or smell put you off. It is much more convenient for me to get them this way. My guess it would be for you as well.

So, let me cut to the chase. Actually,, I have to thank the Dole Company. Why? Their products have allowed me to eat fresh veggies. To have a salad used to be a pain in my arse. In fact, too much of a pain. Who has time to sit there and cut and chop? Some may say it doesn’t take much time, but with cleanup involved too I have to disagree. Thank you Dole! Here’s a typical day’s diet for me:

6 egg whites, one yolk (scrambled)
Bowl of Oatmeal

Mid Morning
6 egg whites, one yolk (scrambled)
Apple or other piece of fruit

Half Pound of a lean meat. During the summer BBQ’d. Chicken, Ground Turkey Breast, Lean Red Meat
Salad (I use the Dole Products Here) with homemade Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing. Carrots, broccoli, etc are included in these veggies.

Mid Afternoon
Liquid Feed ( half banana, 3 scoops Whey, tbls Flax oil, water)

Same as lunch

Late Evening
Serving of lean meat or more scrambled egg whites
Bowl of Oatmeal or small bowl of Uncle Sam Cereal

All during the day I am drink ice water. On training days I add in more carbs through a piece of fruit or more oatmeal. On Friday nights, I have pizza. On the weekend would be where we might go out to dinner on occasion. I eat whatever I would enjoy. Note that the oatmeal serving is limited by the amount that’s in the packet. I eat the plain stuff so there is no added sugar. The reason I don’t get the big oats container is that it is convenient that the serving is already measured out and it keeps it consistent.

Remember, this is the eating lifestyle that is working for me personally.