Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome to the Cyberpump Blog and the Superman Syndrome

So I decided to do a blog for Cyberpump and it's associated sites.  Fred Fornicola actually encouraged me to do this so I credit Fred. He thought it would be a good idea to "reach out" into the net and possibly reach more people who may have not even heard of Cyberpump and all the associated sites.  Thanks Fred!

Everyone has at one time or another experienced a time in their training when it all goes right.  You keep hitting PR's, feel great, and feel...invincible.  There's nothing you can do wrong.  The weights feel light.  You feel like....SUPERMAN!  What I have learned and continue to get reminded of is that this is the most critical time to be conservative. Yes, conservative. Don't get greedy.  Greed kills your progress.  The killing of the progress is typically INJURY -- when you least expect it. Yup, when you are feeling like superman!  I will relay a recent story of my own training when I ignored my own advice YET AGAIN! Arrghhh. And, got injured.  Stay tuned!

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Fred Fornicola said...

Hey Bill - NICE JOB!

A agree, "greed kills prgoress". I often ask people what they think the #1 cause of injury is - most answer by stating a specific exercise, too heavy of a weight, poor form, etc...all of which is true, but the #1 cause IMO is "EGO". Keep your ego in check and you have a fighting chance. - Fred