Friday, November 13, 2009

Something Stupid

Something Stupid is about me and waiting too long to do something about my computer. And, it was almost disastrous. My hard drive was fragmented and many years old. I should have replaced it. There was only 10,000 files since 1995! I almost had a disaster. Good thing I backed up my files 5 days ago. Norton Ghost is a crappy program by the way for backups. Don't use it.

The good news is no data was lost. But, I waited too long to take care of it and my hard drive went belly up. Mostly due to those stupid automatic updates by Microsoft. I am typing this on my laptop and am waiting for a new computer. This laptop is limited in space and I hate the keyboard. In fact, I hit keys and deleted my whole blog post by accident and had to type it over again! Back up your PC!

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