Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Running versus The Root Hog - No Contest!

As I mentioned in another post, during the winter I am forced to jog/run for my cardio.  Especially now since I purchased a new Sorinex Root Hog last summer.  I did not want to wreck it in the winter weather. Plus, the ice and snow make sled pulling/pushing an adventure.  My right knew of course finally started to rebel due to the running.  I've had this knee soreness off and on.  It stems from an injury my junior year of high school when I had a scope done on it.  Too many scopes were performed back in the 80's based on what I read.  Anyway, the weather finally broke this week and I pulled the Root Hog out from under the sheet.  Of course since it is early spring all the sand and salt on our street is still there from the winters. That increases the friction considerably making the Root Hog much harder. I used one plate (25lbs) and on the first trip down I could tell it was going to be an adventure.  The bottom was sticking like glue of course due to the sand and salt.  I made the trip back and I could already feel my lungs start on fire.  My legs were indicating "Not good Bill!".  The next trip up and back and I was smoked and breathing like a chimney.  I had increased the pace quite a bit.  I had to remove the plate to make the last up and back.  I was blown out.  Only 3 trips up and back.  I was gassed.  Now, the Root Hog has LESS impact than running because I am basically fast walking.  Keep in mind I could run a mile at a pretty fast clip and yet it was like I had done NO cardio for months.  Needless to say, running yet again sucks for cardio.  Let's see if my knee starts to feel better in the next month as well.  Man, I hate feeling gassed!

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