Friday, November 6, 2009

The Closet Thing to Real Powerlifting Today

The IPF World's are taking place this week. They are really the original powerlifting federation when we had ONE. The depth of these squats are what they should be. Check out the video:

Now check out a great example of what I don't think powerlifting is. Just one example of these org's with slack rules and equipment (suits, etc.) that have gone WAY overboard. Judging that allow for 1/2 squats at best. Non-locked out benches, and more. I mean it's not atypical for people competing in these org's to out BENCH what they SQUAT or DEADLIFT! Ridiculous!!


Fred Fornicola said...

Nothing is what it used to be - physical culture is a thing of the past unfortunately. Fitness has been propagated by corporate whores who are merely investors with zero experience or concern for the physical world.

Unknown said...

Current geared powerlifting is a heartless corpse from which the spirit of the original is missing. It reminds me of a man jumping from a cliff gesticulating not knowing it is meaningingless to be judged on his jump form.