Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to Transform Your Physique #79

So Saturdays are consumed a lot with training my two teenagers.  As I mentioned in #78, these days I tend just work in some exercises as I train them.  Since I pulled sled on Friday, and it was the first time since the vacation, there was no way I was going to put myself in traction and do it again yesterday!  During my son's workout I did some shoulder press, dumbbell rows, and curls. I can only do rows now due to the lat injury. I actually injured myself doing negative chins of all things.  I also threw in some grip work as well. When he was pulling sled I did the lunge/free squat super set.  That's 24 lunges and a free squat set of 25 back to back.  It wasn't hard, but I knew I would be sore.  Again, this was done very controlled without bouncing around.  I then stretched after. I forgot I added in some reverse hypers on a stability ball. This is an experiment. This is a poor man's version of the reverse hyper.  I'll keep readers posted and let's see how my low back responds.

Yesterday's breakfast was exactly the same as Friday. In fact, I won't vary that one bit. And, lunch won't vary much either. I have no problem with "boredom" and eating. The reason we really eat is to fuel the body. Not for pleasure and being satisfied with our taste buds.  So, with this attitude and mindset and with the goal of lowering my bodyfat level, I have no problem staying the course. :)

Lunch was not really optimal. It was a meal replacement bar. A good one though.  Basically I ate this on the fly because of lack of time.  Dinner was a cheat meal at our fav local eatery.  I'll look to see how I do in the next two weeks and if necessary I will cut out this second cheat meal of the week.  No sweets though as a chaser like on Friday. :)

Today I'll probably pull sled light.

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