Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Transform Your Physique #80

The sled kicked my butt again yesterday. But, not before I added another trip! My speed on my pushing of the sled has increased but part of it is due to technique to keep the sled moving better.  The result is I have to complete the trips faster.  It was hotter than hades too so that made it harder.  But, I can tell I am getting in better condition.  I can tell I have dropped some of the vacation eating weight gain.  I never use the scale as the absolute measure and frankly no one should. It does not differentiate between muscle and fat loss. Or, fat gain versus muscle gain. 

My diet remains constant. My breakfasts are exactly the same. My Carlson's lemon flavor Cod Liver Oil arrived so I added a tablespoon of that.  I had grilled turkey breast last night for dinner with my typical spinach salad. 

Since tomorrow is Friday, it's cheat day. But, not as radical as usual.  I am bringing in donuts for my group at work to celebrate a member's company anniversary but I will not have one (or is it two or three!) like I have done in the past on cheat days.  I got invited out for lunch so I will be eating a burrito (chicken).  Of course Papa Murphy's Chicago stuff pizza is on tap for dinner with the cheesecake chaser.  Have a cheat day motivates me to be strict and use it as a "reward" for my efforts and discipline.  I actually look forward to it believe it or not!  It's just a psychological game I play with myself. :)

I didn't get as sore pulling the sled this time which is good.  Tomorrow is the bigger workout for the week.  I am curious how I will feel tomorrow with the one cheat meal now that I am on a roll so to speak with tightening things up....

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